Klementi is privately held Estonian clothing company that designs, producest and sells corporate wear and work wear. History of brand KLEMENTI goes back to 1950s, when the main three operations were: 1) product development, production and sales of fashion clothing; 2) product development, production and sales of work wear; 3) outsourcing.

Today is the main focus of Klementi on professional clothing – uniforms and workwear.

Customers can order products from our materials or materials presented by the client. The quantity depends on the client’s wishes, we are able to produce larger and smaller quantities. For production we use the highest quality and the most modern machinery and machines. According to the customer’s request, we perform embroidery, patterns building and digitization.

Check out our products

  • Workware

    Clothes for construction, car repair, warehousing etc.

  • Services

    Full production, part production, custom products, rental service for work clothes, Klementi PROMO- corporate gifts.

The history of Klementi

1944 – Was founded sewing association Osta as a precursor of Klementi
1950 – Was founded sewing factory V.Klementi based on sewing squad Osta
1971 – Was formed V. Klement sewing production association
1990 – V. Klementi sewing factory made about one million garments per year and employed 1,600 people
1992 – Was formed RAS Klementi based on V.Klementi sewing factory. In addition was formed RAS Pärnu Õmblusvabrik and RAS Rapla Rõivas in composition of RAS Klementi
1993 – RAS Klementi was included in the list of companies to be privatized
1993 – Estonian Privatisation Agency sold the RAS Pärnu Õmblusvabrik complete property to the Swedish company AB Kurt Kellermann
1994 – Klemendi Kaubandus AS was formed by employees of RAS Klementi and 80% of RAS Klemendi shares was privatized (A-shares)
1995 – Estonian Privatisation Agency privatized 20% of Klementi AS shares (B shares) by the public sale procedure
2002 – Acquired trademark of PTA
2004 – The launch of the trademark PTA and transformation from Klementi shops to the PTA retail chain
2006 – The company was renamed to PTA Grupp AS and separated manufacturing subsidiary Klementi AS
2006 – Silvano Fashion Group joins PTA Grupp AS
2009 – Silvano Fashion Group sells all PTA Grupp AS shares to PTA Holding OÜ
2011 – PTA Grupp seeks bankruptcy
2012 – Eurocent OÜ acquires the brand Klementi renaming the company to Klementi OÜ
2014 – Klementi celebrates 70th anniversary
2024 – Klementi celebrates 80th anniversary